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Terms and conditions of use

This is the Portal www.isaitur.com owned by ISAITUR SA, domiciled in Boyacá 1816 between Clemente Ballen and August 10 (hereinafter ISAITUR SA), and the following are the Terms and Conditions of Use that regulate the access and use of this Portal (hereinafter “the site ”) And, in general, the relationship between ISAITUR SA and the USERS of the site, without prejudice to other conditions or specific or specific instructions that CASTRO TOUR SA properly communicates to users.

The use of the site attributes the condition of USER of the same, and implies the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in these Terms and Conditions, being the obligation of the USER to read the Terms and Conditions carefully before making use of the site and its content.

When communicating with this website, the policies and rules detailed below are considered accepted.

1. In the Web page www.isaitur.comNational and international travel programs are offered where other companies are involved (“Suppliers”). Issuers of air tickets, accommodation, transportation, activities, which perform these benefits in accordance with their respective General Contract Conditions. The following terms and conditions of use apply exclusively to the use of the ISAITUR SA service.

2. The programs sold by ISAITUR SA are confirmed by airlines, hotels, operators, wholesalers and other suppliers. In the event that they have set their own terms and conditions for the acts and contracts performed on this site, it is understood that the buyer also accepts these conditions and submits them to comply without prejudice to ISAITUR SA that acts as an intermediary in the purchase transaction Sale of tour packages.2. The website www.isaitur.com as well as the coupon sale system on that page are managed by:

Boyacá 1816 between Clemente Ballen and August 10
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Telephone: (+593) 42107166 - (+593) 42107234
E-mail: turismo@isaitur.com - turismo1@isaitur.com - turismo2@isaitur.com

3. Either by confirmation of the corresponding field in the order process, or if the user makes effective use of the service, the conditions of use of ISAITUR SA will be accepted. In this case, you acknowledge that we - ISAITUR SA - consider the use of our service as recognition of the conditions of use. These terms of use may be consulted, printed or recorded locally at any time under www.isaitur.com/terminosycondiciones.

4. Coupons are only available for people who have the legal capacity to hire (over 18 years of age under Ecuadorian law). People who do not have that capacity and minors cannot acquire the coupons. The acts that they perform on the site will be the responsibility of their parents, guardians, guardians or guardians, and therefore will be considered performed by them in the exercise of the legal representation they have.

5. To purchase the travel packages offered on the site, registered users must provide certain personal data. Your personal information is processed and stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high standards of security and protection, both physical and technological.

ISAITUR SA guarantees the confidentiality of the data supplied by the users in accordance with the applicable legal norms and informs about the use that ISAITUR SA will make of the personal data provided by the users, so that they freely and voluntarily determine if they wish to provide to ISAITUR SA your personal data, in any form and through any means.

In accordance with the Law of Electronic Commerce of Ecuador, from the moment of its entry and / or use to the site the user expressly gives his consent for the processing of personal data that is provided by him or that is provided through his entry to the portal or by any means. Likewise, the user expressly consents that ISAITUR SA may transfer personal data to third parties under the terms and conditions indicated on this page.

The personal data will be incorporated into the database owned by ISAITUR SA These data will be used in the administrative and commercial management of the users request.

The data will be kept in the database as long as they are considered useful in order that ISAITUR SA can provide and offer its services and process them, send you information and publicity about the offers, promotions and recommendations of ISAITUR SA

As soon as the relevant provisions of the Law of Electronic Commerce of Ecuador enter into force, the user is assisted in exercising the rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of personal data, which may be exercised through the contact option we put to Your disposition on this page.

The account holder is responsible for not keeping their session active on a device to which another user could have access.

ISAITUR SA may modify these terms and conditions of use, for example, to implement changes in Ecuadorian legislation or to take into account changes in its operation or care policies. The user will find the conditions of use in force at any time under http://www.isaitur.com/terminos-y-condiciones. In case you do not agree with the modifications of our conditions of use, the user may choose not to use our service.

7. For the purchase of a travel program at www.isaitur.com, the user must:

7.1. Confirm the "buy" button on the home page.
7.2. Choose the number of passengers according to the indicated accommodation that will travel with you.
7.3. Enter your name and email, as well as your credit card information.
7.4. Your declaration of willingness to purchase is issued by confirming the conditions of use and pressing the "buy" button. The acceptance of the contract of sale by ISAITUR SA takes place with the confirmation in the form of sending a coupon code.
7.5. The confirmation voucher and confirm the services with the airline, wholesaler or operator as the case may be.
7.6. Payment by the user will be automatic, as well as the issuance of air tickets and confirmation vouchers, so any error in the data or information provided by the passenger will be their responsibility.
7.7. The sale of the travel package is not processed until ISAITUR SA has not successfully registered the payment. In case of not succeeding with the first collection attempt (for example, because the indicated account does not exist or does not have sufficient balance, the credit card number is wrong or is at the limit) the sale will not occur of the travel program.
7.8. All travel programs are provided with a code, which must be validated in the system approved by ISAITUR SA and which the passenger has, when the confirmation vouchers are presented to make them effective. The confirmation voucher is not transferable or endorsable. Reproduction, editing or manipulation of confirmation vouchers is not authorized. In case of suspected suspicion of illegal reproduction, ISAITUR SA reserves the right to transmit the archived data to the respective partner and initiate the relevant legal actions.
7.9. The number of passengers in each travel program is limited. Any payment made after the available quotas have been exhausted will not be considered valid and will be fully refunded to the customer. Example: If the quota of a program is 10 spaces and 20 people have accessed the travel package (they click on the purchase option and are redirected to our payment gateways, only the first 10 charges will be considered as beneficiaries of the program. The remaining 10, for having exhausted the stock, will be reimbursed their money.

8. Information about payments and returns
8.1. Once the payment has been made, the client has a maximum of 24 hours to decline his purchase without penalty, after 24 hours after he is penalized with the total amount paid.
8.2. Once the money is made in the account of ISAITUR SA, cancellations are no longer possible.
8.3. Cancellation should be directed to the email address: turismo1@isaitur.com
8.4. Consequences of cancellation:
In the case of an effective cancellation, the benefits received by both parties must be restored and, where appropriate, delivered the fruits or profits received (eg advantages of use). Payment return obligations must be fulfilled within a maximum period of thirty (30) days. The deadline begins for the user with the delivery of the return of his revocation statement or his voucher, and for ISAITUR SA, with his receipt.

As a measure to protect the security of transactions, ISAITUR SA reserves the right to cease the purchases made, in case the data provided by the customer does not match the available databases of ISAITUR SA or those in those that the issuing Bank records as a transaction not recognized by the owner of the credit card. ISAITUR SA may contact the account holder, and communicate this fact; If you do not receive an answer in this regard, the issuing Bank will be informed about the credit card used by the consumer at the time of sending your purchase request. The Bank issuing the credit card that was used to make the purchase on the site, must proceed with the refund of the amount in accordance with its Policies. ISAITUR SA is not responsible in any case for the non-return of money used through credit cards in the aforementioned situations.
Additionally, in compliance with the rules for the prevention of money laundering and when deemed appropriate, ISAITUR SA may request from the User various documents and additional information regarding their identification and / or personal data.

9. Claims support
Everything claimwill be attended within 30 calendar days of presented. This period will be extended by another equal if the claim justify it, prior communication to the client before the completion of the initial period. The complaint will be answered by email: turismo@isaitur.com

10. Credit Notes
The credit note in favorof the client in Isaitur may be used:

  • For purchases of smaller amounts, leaving the balance available for future purchases.
  • For purchases of equal amounts.
  • For purchases of larger amounts, paying the difference through any means of payment, unless this is fixed to certain conditions and restrictions that will be previously communicated to the customer.

11. Reservations in the establishments:

  • Customers must be subject to the conditions and restrictions of each supplier, be it products or services (tour packages, air tickets, etc.) indicated in the service voucher.
  • Any change or reprogramming of dates, times, destinations, etc. Reservations for tourist packages and / or air tickets must be made in advance and coordinated directly with the establishment or company indicated in the confirmation voucher. These changes will be the sole responsibility of the clients, so Isaitur is not responsible for the changes made in this regard.
  • The cancellation of reservations must be made according to the specifications of each particular program, otherwise the establishment and Isaitur reserve the right to invalidate that coupon for later use. Isaitur does not participate in future agreements between the client and the establishment nor is responsible for it.

12. About returns and compensation to customers:

All returns or compensation to customers will be made in Isaitur credits (review Specific Offers policies).

The validity to use these credits is of 90 calendar days from the date of its activation.

Returns and compensation apply in the following cases:

  • By Isaitur's responsibility: 100% refund of the amount paid in Isaitur Credit.
  • Due to the establishment's responsibility: 100% refund of the amount paid in Isaitur credit.
  • Due to the impossibility of the client (cancellation of the service): while the coupon is in force, 50% is returned in Isaitur Credit.

The customer is responsible for the use of the coupon within the period of validity indicated therein. After the expiration date of the coupon there is no possibility of claim or refund.

13. Specific offers:

13.1 Event Vouchers: Purchases on event offers (cinema, theater, shows, concerts, tours, etc.) are not entitled to return under any circumstances. Any purchased event coupon will be validated immediately and the non-use of the coupon by the customer causes them to lose their money without claim.

13.2 Purchases on travel offers and / or tour packages are not refundable in case of cancellation by the customer. Any change or reprogramming of dates, times, destinations, etc. Travel and / or tour packages must be made in advance and coordinated directly with the establishment or company indicated on the coupon. These changes will be the sole responsibility of the clients, so Isaitur is not responsible for the changes made in this regard.

13.3 Extra payments to the establishment: All those additional payments to the Isaitur coupon that the client makes in the establishment, will be coordinated between the establishment and the client. Isaitur will not be responsible for these extra payments.

14. The duration of the promotion of a travel program is temporarily limited, being set individually for each discount by ISAITUR SA After the period of duration and / or available units has elapsed, the purchase is no longer possible, the promotion being terminated. In that sense, users are subject to the conditions and restrictions of each promotion, whether products or services indicated in the respective coupon.

15. ISAITUR SA guarantees that the partner will carry out the activities that according to the conditions certified in the service voucher, as long as the user presents the coupon according to the terms and conditions indicated therein and before the start of the performance of the service . ISAITUR SA is not obliged to make reimbursements and / or compensation for damages arising from the negligence of the user to receive the services voucher benefits. ISAITUR SA does not assume any guarantee for the products or services of the partner acquired by the user. The respective provider performs the certified service in the service voucher on its own behalf and on its own account in front of the user, so ISAITUR SA does not respond to the user for breach of obligations of the partner at the time of performing the service. In the event that problems arise when making the services voucher effective or making the service, ISAITUR SA will intervene as a conciliator between the partner and the user to find a solution. In this case, users should contact the email: turismo2@isaitur.com or contact ISAITUR SA by telephone.

16. ISAITUR SA reserves the right to modify at any time the scope and functions of its website, or to limit or cancel them. Although we strive to offer our service without technical inconvenience, in particular, maintenance work, the continuation of development and / or technical failures can limit and / or partially interrupt the possibilities of use. Under certain circumstances data loss may occur here. ISAITUR SA does not therefore assume any guarantee about the availability of the service or the presence of technical failures or data loss and in particular, it has no responsibility for:

16.1 The use or lack of access to the page, failures, errors, omissions or continuity in the operation, utility and reliability of the services and the page; the alteration of the privacy and security in the use and contents of the page and of the services by third parties outside them in accordance with the current legal regime; the presence of viruses or the presence of other false elements in the services offered by third parties through the page that may cause alterations in the computer system (hardware and software); the lack of veracity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the content offered on the page; the information, content and services hosted outside the page, even if they were accessible from it;
16.2 The lack of availability and continuity in the operation, utility and reliability of the services and the page of third-party collaborators of ISAITUR SA

17. ISAITUR SA and the partners reserve all Intellectual Property rights and other rights on the service as well as on the published contents, information, images, videos and databases (hereinafter referred to as "protected property"). Therefore, any modification, reproduction, publication, transmission to third parties and / or other use or exploitation of the protected property is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of ISAITUR SA or the affected partner respectively.

18. No action or use of device, software, or other means tending to interfere with both the activities and operations of ISAITUR SA and the offers, descriptions, accounts or databases of ISAITUR SA is allowed. Any intrusion, attempt or violation activity or contrary to the laws on intellectual property rights and / or to the prohibitions stipulated in this contract, they will be liable to the person responsible for the relevant legal actions, as well as responsible for compensating the damages caused.

19. In the event that specific provisions of these General Contract Conditions or the contract concluded with the contracting party were ineffective in whole or in part, this will not affect the effectiveness of the rest of the contract.

20. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Ecuadorian law, and any divergence or discrepancy arising from their interpretation, application and execution will be subject to arbitration by law, carried out by sole arbitrator, the respective award being final and unappealable. Said arbitration shall be carried out by the corresponding entity in the city of Guayaquil and shall be governed by the arbitration regulations of said institution, whose rules and conditions the parties declare to know and submit expressly and unconditionally, for which they expressly waive their own jurisdiction.

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